Portrait of Kathe Kollwitz

Early Life

Käthe Kollwitz Portrait

Käthe Kollwitz was a German artist who worked with painting, printmaking  and sculpture.

born as Schmidt

studies & Marriage

Kathe with family

She began her formal study of art in 1885, and In 1891 she married Karl, a doctor tending to the poor in Berlin.

War years

Group photo of Kathe Kollwitz and associates

Käthe's son Peter was killed shortly after the outbreak of the First World War, Aged only 18.

Käthe Kollwitz Portrait

Through Most of her work, Käthe depicted the perils of war and the struggles of the working class.

To this day I do not know whether the power which has inspired my works is something related to religion, or is indeed religion itself.

Käthe Kollwitz

Photo portrait of Kollwitz

On Young Artists

..It was interesting meeting boys who had been refused by the Secession. Their work meant nothing to me; I thought it all talented smears such as any gifted academy student can turn out. But they think themselves future Manets.

P. said: I don't give a hoot about a juryless show, I’ll make my own way, and so on. Now I already belong to the older generation, to those who are blocking the way and taking the light from the youth. It is interesting, this eternally rising wave of the youngest youths. They can not be understood by the more mature artists and by those who have technique and craftsmanship, for they almost never possess any special superiority. All their superiority lies in the young people’s imagination.

And yet youth has the right to see itself in this highly imaginative future light, just as the no-longer-young have the right to smile at the illusory values of the young and to turn away from them to their maturer concerns.

From her diary